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While dining out recently with Nick and my Mom, Nick told me the story about the origins of the Scova name ... it was a great story and I was surprised I'd never heard it before. A bit later he told another story in which he revealed his childhood hero to be John Scova and proceeded to recall some great memories about John's athleticism, his influence on Nick, and even a business venture that John, Nick, and my Mom delved in when they were kids.

That evening Nick and my Mom went on to tell many great stories about our family, about childhood friends and adventures, tidbits about our town and it's residents, about a restaurant/bar called the Maple Grove that his father (Joe Scova) owned (where Frank Scova's Esso station would eventually be built). It featured a dance floor and an all-girl trio. Nick thought he even had a photo.

It was at this point that I presented the idea of a website to store all of these stories and photos. Nick was reluctant at first but evenually agreed (it seriously took a month of unrelenting harassment) and gave me permission to give it a shot.

Everyone is welcome (encouraged) to add comments/photos to enhance or complete stories. Please feel free to even post your own stories and photos.

My memories of John's athleticism

This would be the section that we use to put in all of the Stories re: John Scova and sports.

How the 'Scozzafava's became the 'Scova's.

I was told that my father (Joseph Scova) while in 1st grade would occassionally turn in his papers without his name written on the page.

Because of the length of Scozzafava, the teacher would write an abreviation of the name on the papers. She would use the first 3 letters, and last 2 letters of the name.


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